The best free Clash Royale alternatives

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Tower Defense and card-based strategy games represent the most popular genres of mobile games there is. The best games like Plants vs Zombies have millions of fans spread out across the globe and new clone versions of the games are popping up on the App Store and Google Play Store all the time. One of the biggest games of the genre though, if not the biggest, is Clash Royale.

Clash Royale has amassed well over 100,000,000 downloads on Android alone and has seen over 28,000,000 of those players leave extremely positive reviews. Clash Royale is extremely popular and has made developer Supercell an absolute fortune through its popularity. If you’ve had enough of what might just be the biggest mobile game, however, or if you like to do things a bit differently to how most other people do things, you might be looking for Clash Royale alternatives. If that’s the case, then we’re here to help you. We’ve put together a list of fantastic alternative games to Clash Royale that we think you might like. Let’s go through them now.

The best alternatives to the Clash Royale


Hearthstone header

Just like Clash Royale, Hearthstone is a card-based strategy game that acks and entertaining and addictive punch. With Hearthstone the table is your battlefield and your mission is to build up a mean collection of battle cards representing heroes, spells, and magical enchantments that will help you get the better of your opponent. What’s really great about Hearthstone is that it is based on the World of Warcraft, meaning anybody familiar with what is one of the biggest games ever, will feel at home wielding Hearthstone cards. Heroes such as the Lich King are here, and you’ll recognize a lot more cards than you’d expect to.

Hearthstone is a built on adaptive PvP dynamic but there’s also a lot here for anybody who wants to play on their own.  The game, which is available on both Android smartphones and iOS iPhones already has a cult following of its own and is incredibly popular.

Hearthstone Download Hearthstone

Clash of Clans

Clash Royale is like the card game sibling of Clash of Clans. Both games offer very similar stylistic experiences and even some gameplay elements are similar too. Whereas Clash Royale is about building decks of cards though, Clash of Clans is about building up your defenses and fighting off hordes of enemies as they try to overrun and ultimately defeat you.

For a free game, Clash of Clans offers a very rich experience and there is no doubt that developer Supercell has done a really great job creating a game that will get you hooked. This is why Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games ever created. If you haven’t already played it, you should try it now.

Clash of Clans Download now

Titanfall: Assault

Titanfall and Titanfall 2 are pretty epic games. Titanfall 2, in particular, has one of the best single-player campaigns we’ve played for years. The mix of first-person shooter action and giant mech warrior style Titan battles proves a lot of fun. Titanfall: Assault takes the huge action of the two games and shrinks it down into your mobile by producing a card-based strategy game that feels like a mix between Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.

The action here is frantic and loud but requires a deft strategic mind to master. There’s multiplayer action offering the chance to battle against your friends or strangers online as well as an excellent single-player offering for all you loners. What sets this game apart though is the graphics, with a futuristic sci-fi aesthetic bringing the action to life and drawing you into the battle.

Titanfall: Assault Download now

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush for Android smartphones is an excellent tower defense game that proves to be a fantastic alternative to Clash Royale. The premise behind Kingdom Rush is simple. You’re responsible for a kingdom in an epic fantasy land filled with forest, mountains, wastelands, and more. Your kingdom will come under attack from vicious hordes of orcs, wizards, trolls, and all other manners of ghastly baddy set on your destruction. That being the case you need to fight them off by strategically building your defenses and placing your troops where they need to be.

There is a lot here for Tower Defense game lovers. There are rich strategic elements you need to master, and the game looks great too. It almost feels like you’re playing in a much more fun version of the world of Warcraft. The game, however, is definitely challenging enough to stand on its own feet without the need to copy or imitate anything else. This is one of the better tower defense games you’ll get to play on mobile and shouldn’t be missed.

Kingdom Rush Download now

Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars Commander

Our final game is a big hitter because it is based in a galaxy far far away. The action is here is strategy-based battles that are full of all the iconic vehicles, ships, soldiers, and weapons from the Star Wars universe.  Disney has done a great job with this game creating a compelling experience that stands up against other strategy-based Tower Defense games like Clash of Clans.

There are multiplayer elements to Star Wars: Commander with the ability to link your games to your social accounts and drag your friends and enemies into the action with you. As you’d imagine with a Star Wars game though, there’s also plenty here for anybody who simply wants to play on their own and play through their own adventure. There’s also plenty of bonus content available too with Disney tying in promotions for Star Wars movies and matching the action on your mobile to that going on the big screen. This game is lots of fun for all Star Wars fans and is worth a download for anybody looking for an alternative game to Clash Royale.

Star Wars: Commander Download now

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