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A free multiplayer strategy card game

Clash Royale is a free real-time multiplayer deck-building strategy game that features the Royales, the same characters as in Clash of Clans. Though a mobile game designed for iOS or Android, Clash Royale can be played on Windows as well via an emulator such as BlueStacks.

Clash Royale is an addictive game that’s fun to play in its own right. Though this is true when playing the game for free, if you choose to spend money on the season pass it will expedite your progress, instantly unlocking exclusive perks. A strategy and a card game combined, Clash Royale lets you take part in real-time battles with your favorite Clash of Clans characters in a brand new way. Alternative card games that are similar are Gwent or the Lord of the Rings Adventure Card Game.

The main objective of Clash Royale is to win the match by collecting crowns. Crowns are awarded for destroying your opponent’s crown towers within the time limit. At your disposal is an arsenal of troops, spells, defenses akin to what you’d find in Clash of Clans. Present are the familiar Royales: Baby dragons, knights, princes, kings, and princesses.

Victory is achieved through skillfully combining spells and special attacks using a deck of cards that slowly builds and improves over the course of the game. In Clash Royale on Windows, use the mouse to place your cards on the battlefield and attack the enemy fortress. The catch, however, is that your opponent is doing the same to you. Defense is crucial.

There are still external factors that will modify a unit’s value, but this game doesn’t play the same as Clash of Clans. When an enemy engages you in Clash Royale it triggers a card clash, pitting their strength against yours. Rather than building towers and training troops, in this game, it’s the strength of each card, and how it pairs with others in your deck, that will determine whether you survive the engagement.

Each player’s side of the arena is comprised of three towers. Each tower represents a set number of crowns, with the King and Princess towers offering a higher amount. Depending on the circumstances, a match can often be won by toppling the King and Princess towers alone and ignoring the third. This plays into the general win strategy of Clash Royale; outliving your opponent.

Survival is dependent on more than just your deck and which towers are targeted, however. The time limit also plays a role. The enemy towers must be destroyed in just three minutes, and while there are some attainable power-ups that can briefly extend the time, every match inevitably becomes a race against the clock. Experience with the game will grant you both stronger cards, and a better familiarity with different tactics you can employ.

Clash Royale was intended to be played on mobile devices, namely iOS and Android. The heart of what makes Clash Royale a fun, addictive game is still present no matter what platform you choose. TGB, Tencent Gaming Buddy, developed by the Tencent studio, allows you to play Android video games on your PC. Whether you use this or an alternative emulator like BlueStacks or GameLoop, you can join a clan and compete in multiplayer all the same.

The main advantage to using TGB is that this installer will download its own emulator right along with the game, Clash Royale. This way you can immediately play the game on Windows, and choose to adapt your choice control system right onto the keyboard and mouse. Players familiar with Clash Royale on mobile may even elect to play this way going forward, as it’s easier to control and allows you to enjoy the game on a desktop monitor.

Though there are other card games that play similarly (such as Gwent or the Lord of the Rings Adventure Card Game), Clash Royale is still most similar to its sister game, Clash of Clans. The presentation of the game is largely different, but the design, graphics, and character concepts are identical. Newcomers unfamiliar with Clash of Clans need not fear, however, as Clash Royale walks you through its characters and their respective abilities.

Clash Royale is an immersive, strategic, and charming game to play in your free time. The game also receives regular updates from its development team, Supercell, keeping the game fresh and exciting with each patch. Being encouraged to spend real money is an unfortunate direction for the gaming industry as a whole, but if you can get past this, Clash Royale can be an entertaining experience.

Play this incredible strategy-based game in your PC

TGB, Tencent Gaming Buddy, developed by the Tencent studio, allows you to play Android video games on your PC. This installer downloads its own emulator along with the Clash Royale videogame. That means you can play it using Windows and adapt the control system to your keyboard and mouse. Plus, you don't need any special knowledge, since the tool basically installs everything that's needed to play automatically.

Clash Royale will immerse you in the action of this real-time strategy game, which has millions of fans around the world. You can get a bunch of cards to unlock new characters, attacks, and other elements to help you become stronger inside the battlefield from the comfort of your PC. The mechanics are easy to internalize, which is probably why these three-minute rounds are so addicting.

You and your mouse will have to defend three towers in Clash Royale alongside legendary Clash Of Clans characters, and some new ones too. To do so, you must place your cards on the battlefield and attack the enemy's fortresses while defending urs. You'll be hooked on facing players from all over the world by using increasingly refined and competitive strategies.

As you continue winning battles, you'll earn rewards that you can invest in unlocking new resources and characters. Also, upgrading your protagonist' features to increase your chances of winning battles is a must. You'll even be able to acquire new troops by collecting the cards in the Clash Royale chests.

You can play the very popular Clash Royale for Android with your PC. Bring out your best strategies using your mouse and don't let any rival defeat you.


  • Simple to pick up, challenging to master
  • Smooth gameplay and frame rate
  • Receives regular updates


  • Gameplay gets repetitive
  • Suffers from microtransactions

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Clash Royale for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 3.6.0
  • 4.2

  • Security Status

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